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40 Short Films you cannot miss at the International Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala


We present a list of 40 Short Films worth watching at the International Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala that will take place from June 10th – 14th in Trivandrum (Kerala, India).

Short Documentaries Films
Dive by Archana Chandrasekhar – India | 2015 – 19 min.
A short observational documentary on life under Ellis Bridge unveiled through the story of a 10 year old boy, Manna and his romance with the river, Sabarmati.

Famous in Ahmedabad by Hardik Mehta – India | 2015 – 30 min.
Set during the kaleidoscopic backdrop of the kite-flying festival, the film witnesses the transformation of an 11-year-old Zaid from a boy next door to a passionate kite-runner until he comes across a hindrance that prevents him from flying kites.

Liquid Borders by Barnali Ray Shukla – India | 2015 – 38 min.
This film is born out of the need to explore existing geographical and political boundaries of India. The film tries to engage, enthuse, and envision a new-found look at liquid borders and bridges.

Name | Place | Animal | Thing by Nitin R. – India | 2015 – 24 min.
NAME|PLACE|ANIMAL|THING is documentary diary that captures the story of an interesting yet strange tribe in Karnataka that follows a bizarre naming culture. They also practice some other weird rituals.

No Woman’s Land by Devkanya Lotheta – India | 2015 – 40 min.
In Tribal district of Himachal Pradesh women are deprived of their land rights according to their customary law. Hindu succession act is not applicable in tribal areas of Himachal Pradesh under section 366 and 362. The revenue law which is called Riwaaz-e-aam since 1826 is still prevailing here. Some voices are raised among women against this law. But till date nobody is hearing their voices. Women wants amendment in this law while some sections of this law which allow a woman to own land with in some circumstances are not properly implemented in tribal areas of Himachal because of revenue officers negligence.

Retracing Freedom: Goa Chapter by Prateek Vats – India | 2015 – 23 min. (*)
The film captures the festival of protest that independent filmmakers, artists, students and citizens of Goa organized in response to the criminalizing of film students and independent film makers during the much criticized edition of the film fest.

Saving the Saviour by Jalal Ud Din Baba – India | 2016 – 27 min.
Billa orphaned at 9, had to leave the school, and scavenges Wular Lake daily for plastic trash. He sells whatever he collects and feeds his family. It’s ironic how the plastic that pollutes and chokes the Wular turn into a savior. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Billa at his own level is protecting Wular and in return he gets his much needed earning. Billa’s effort may be a minuscule attempt but the thought in deed and need is incredible, He is making a redeeming difference to the Wular Lake

Sheroes by Jihan Hafiz – India | 2015 – 11 min. (*)
Sheroes profiles survivors of acid attacks in the Indian city of Agra who are defying mainstream media accounts portraying them as helpless victims. Refusing to ask for charity, they have overcome shame and embraced their inner and outer beauty.

Azhivu (The Change) by K.P. Muraleedharan – India | 2015 – 34 min. (*)
This Film based on the rehabilitation issue of peoples living in a solitary village situated in deep forests of Wayanad. The film peeps into the village, its history and culture. It tempts us to introspect on worthlessness of modern lifestyle.

The Song of Margaret’s Hope by Subhadipta Biswas – India | 2016 – 38 min.
In the last few years, number of tea estates in West Bengal has been closed and people living there often migrated or committed suicide out of poverty. In this scenario, Ignited by Goodricke Tea Company’s pseudo happy promotional film about the life in ‘Margaret’s Hope’ tea garden, on its 150 years anniversary; a local youth music band embarks on a journey to show the actual picture of their garden which later culminates into a song.

Jalasamadhi (Vanishing Island) by D.Dhanasumod – India | 2016 – 30 min.
Documentary describes the threat faced by the people due to environmental changes in Munroe Thuruth of Kollam district in Kerala. The buildings over here are drowning into water and the natives are struggling to face the challenges raised by water.

Village of Widows: The Strage story of Highway 44 by Bjeesh Balann – India | 2016 – 25 min. (*)
It is a documentary on Peddakunta Thanda, a tribal hamlet in Telegana. All men in the village died in different road accidents in newly constructed highway. Now the village is called village of widows.

(*) – Out Of Competition

Short Fiction Films
Agape by Manoj Varghese – India | 2015 – 15 min. (*)
Agape means unconditional love… This film based on real friendship and carries a good message. The film deals with topics such as school, teaching, caring parents, nature, real friendship etc.

And then they come for me (Agli Baar) by Devashish Makhija – India | 2015 – 7 min. (*)
Today, the slum-dwellers have managed to stall the illegal demolition of their shanties. Tomorrow, they must take their non-violent fight for justice to the high court. Tonight, someone is making sure that never happens, one deathly scream at a time.

Bachchha Saheb by Saikat Sekhareswar Ray – India | 2016 – 29 min.
Shanti meets a street dog on a rainy night. He later discovers, the dog is suffering from a terminal disease. Doctor suggests euthanasia. Shanti finds it difficult to decide whether to keep him alive or terminate the life of the suffering animal.

Broken Chord by Anubha Jain – India | 2015 – 22 min. (*)
Inspired from The Yellow Wallpaper written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the narrative of the film is linear and charts the emotional journey of the protagonist Maya after she has been diagnosed with nervous anxiety which is commonly called a woman’s disease and confined by the rest cure.

By the way by Jhimli Roy – India | 2016 – 9 min.
A twelve year boy makes a living in a city by selling flowers by the roadside. He dreams of continuing his studies which he has been forced to give up.

Chayamukhi by Manu Madhavan Makkakodan – India | 2015 – 25 min.
Bhumi is a married girl going under a stressful situation when her husband Ravi who was in mental hospital for 2 years invited her to go with him to an unknown place. Rest of the story reveals the conflicts between them.

Chinese Whispers by Charu Shree Roy – India | 2015 – 22 min. (*)
It’s her first day at the new school. 15 year old Gaigongmei has already been subjected to offensive comments and questions that people from north-east India face regularly. Can Gai stand up to this stereotyping?

Leeches by Payal Sethi – India | 2015 – 27 min.
A short film to show how regressive attitude is fatal to the society, now in the 21st century the walls of castism are still tight, this incidents should be handled by harmony, the hatred emotion in each other cannot be solved by revenge it can only be solved by love.

Memories of a Machine by Shailaja Padindala – India | 2015 – 10 min. (*)
A woman is being recorded playfully on a camera and is asked curious questions by the person recording her, about her sexuality. She narrates memories of her childhood – quirky-experiences of discovering ‘self’ as a sexually curious young girl.

Memories of March by Jibin Rajan K. – India | 2015 – 24 min.
A 10 year old boy’s hope into life changed the life of a man who is decided to commit suicide.

Murphy by Narendran Ajith – India | 2015 – 13 min.
Every child has a dream which lies inside them. They are born creators. This is the story of a boy who has a conversation with an imaginary character and finds solutions to his problems.

Naina by Mithila Hegde – India | 2015 – 22 min.
‘Naina’ explores the poignancy of human relationships, as they endure underlying emotions of grief, separation, loneliness from a painful past, when a meaningful occasion brings them together under one roof.

PAPA by Siddharth Chauhan – India | 2015 – 28 min.
A paralyzed mother, Sushma and her young son, Rajiv, are learning to adjust with their new life. A recent accident has left their lives scarred forever. Sushma’s only hope is a pigeon, which she found in her house, the same day when her husband died.

Roll No 42 by Mukti Krishan – India | 2015 – 15 min. (*)
Mili is a wallflower who lives a remarkably passive existence at school. But one awful incident puts her on the grid, her very first period (menstruation) becomes a public affair, in fact it’s the first time she comes alive as a person.

Kamuki (Sweetheart) by Christo Tomy – India | 2015 – 24 min.
Divya, a 17 year old school girl realizes that she is pregnant from her estranged boyfriend. Disregarding her family and school obligations she sets out to find and claim him back to her life.

Taandav by Devashish Makhija – India | 2015 – 11 min.
Head constable Tambe isn’t having the best of days. His wife slams doors in his face. His little daughter won’t speak to him. He’s been given nightlong Ganpati visarjan duty. His blood slowly rises to a boil until he snaps, unleashes a #Taandav!

Laila-Leela r Kotha (The Ballad of Laila-Leela) by Lubna Sharmin – India | 2015 – 28 min.
Set in the turbulent period of the partition of Bengal in 1905, the film tells the story of a young girl named Leela, tracing its path of change and growth through a new religion, a new name and therefore the apparent loss of its roots.

Vaishali by Prachi Sharma – India | 2015 – 10 min. (*)
The film is about a girl who went to a canal to commit suicide due to family problems. There she met a boy who took her to a better place for suicide and while going there changes her mind.

Paakh (Wings) by Sai Haval – India | 2015 – 17 min. (*)
“Paakh” is about a 8-year-old girl living in a slum with her parents. She has a book, which has last few pages missing. Being curious, she is trying everything to complete the story.

(*) – Out Of Competition

Animation Competition
Euphoria by Abijith Krishnan – India | 2015 – 14 min.
‘Euphoria’ is the reminiscence of an artist. He contemplates over his entire life in search of philosophical means of his existence and purpose in this world as an artist.

Saat Paak Mone Thak (Nuptial Memoirs) by Snigdha Banerjee – India | 2015 – 9 min.
This aims at creating a serene narrative of the traditional Bengali wedding capturing the medieval culture of Bengal. It is also a tribute to the maestro “Jamini Roy” and various unsung artists of rural Bengal, celebrating the journey to roots.

Trapped by Sanmargan Suriyamoorthy – India | 2015 – 6 min.
A ravenous prisoner wanders in a convoluted maze with identical walls, in search of a passage out and escape from the jaws of death.

International Shorts
Ave Maria by Basil Khali – Palestine, France, Germany | 2015 – 15 min. (Fiction)
The silent routine of 5 Nuns living in the West Bank wilderness is disturbed when an Israeli settler family breaks down right outside the convent just as the Sabbath comes into effect.

Children of Stateless by Moonsik Chung – South Korea, Thailand | 2015 – 14 min. (Documentary)
“CHILDREN OF STATELESS” is a non-fiction documentary about Myanmar refugee children’s life, education, labor, their future and family stories at Mae-la Refugee Camp, Thailand. Mae-la Refugee Camp is located in the city of Mat Sot which is a border district of western Thailand to share with eastern Myanmar (Burma). More than 50,000 refugees and more than 7 different ethnic people live together under different political, religious and personal backgrounds.

Day One by Henry Hughes -US | 2015 – 25 min. (Fiction)
On her first day in Afghanistan, an interpreter for the US Army is forced to deliver the child of an enemy bomb-maker.

Over by Jorn Threlfall – UK | 2015 – 14 min. (Fiction)
A crime scene. Over the course of 9 wide shots (told in reverse order), we watch an intriguing story unfold. What happened in this quiet neighbourhood? A murder, a hit-and-run, an accident? The reality is both profound, and deeply unexpected.

Shok by Jamie Donoughue – Kosovo, UK | 2015 – 21 min. (Fiction)
The friendship of two boys is tested to its limits as they battle for survival during the Kosovo war.

Stutterer by Benjamin Cleary – UK | 2015 – 12 min. (Fiction)
For a lonely typographer, an online relationship has helped him mask his cruel speech impediment. Now he is faced with the daunting prospect of finally bringing that relationship into the real world. A roller-coaster ride of joy, doubt, and romance in the digital age.

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