Film Festival

Winners of the St Kilda Film Festival 2016

St Kilda Film Festival

We present the list of winners of the St Kilda Film Festival that took place from May 19th – 28th in Melbourne (Australia).

Best Short Film Award

Death in Bloom
Death in Bloom by Dael Oates – Drama/Comedy | 11 min.

A dark satire about door-to-door ‘death’ salesman’s struggle to close a routine expiration deal with the wealthy, refined and fabulously picky customer.

Best Achivement in Cinematography Award

Driftwood Dustmites
Burak Oguz Saguner for the film Driftwood Dustmites – Drama | 9 min.

Aishe sees her father kiss his new love for the first time since her mother’s death. Unable to sleep she wakes up her younger sister.

Best Animation Award

The Orchestra
The Orchestra by Mikey Hill – Drama, Comedy, Animation | 15 min.

In a world filled with beautiful music, Vernon always seems to strike the wrong note.

Craft Award

Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue by Nathan Keene – Drama, Horror, Thriller | 29 min.

On a rural farm, a lonely girl must face her own dark desires when she discovers a boy held captive in a neighbouring barn.

Best Comedy Award

Death in Bloom
Death in Bloom by Dael Oates – Drama/Comedy | 11 min.

Best Original Score Award

The Orchestra
Jamie Messenger for the film The Orchestra – Drama, Comedy, Animation | 15 min.

Best Director Award

Red Rover
Brooke Goldfinch for the film Red Rover – Drama, Science Fiction | 15 min.

Two teenagers travel to town in search of shelter after being told by their evangelical parents that an asteroid will soon destroy the earth.

Best Actor Award

Tasia Zalar for the film Bluey – Drama | 13 min.

Bluey, an angry young woman trapped in a life of violence, meets a mentor who could change everything. Bluey is about the fight for survival.

Best Documentary Award

You Better Take Cover
You Better Take Cover by Harry Hayes – Documentary | 29 min.

Did Men At Work rip off Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gumtree? This is the tell-all documentary of a plagiarism case that shocked the nation.

Best Achievement in Screenplay Award

The Aquarium
Jacobie Gray for the film The Aquarium – Drama | 14 min.

A young girl, ignored by her volatile, separated parents, does increasingly desperate things to earn money for a school trip to the aquarium.

Best Achievement in Sound Post Production Award

Niels Gabriels for the film Somniloquy – Drama, Thriller | 20 min.

Over 3 nights, a paranoid sleep talker deprives himself of rest to avoid the accidental confession of his dark secrets to his loyal wife.

Best Indigenous Film Award

Bluey by Darlene Johnson – Drama | 13 min.

Best Achievement in Editing Award

Death in Bloom
Adam Wills for the film Death in Bloom – Drama/Comedy | 11 min.

Best Visual Effects Award

Little Boy Blue
Luca Calabrese for the film Little Boy Blue – Drama, Horror, Thriller | 29 min.

Best Young Actor Award

The Trophy Thief
Isaac Natoli for the film The Trophy Thief – Drama | 14 min.

Ben is a young soccer player who believes that winning his team’s MVP trophy will solve his family problems.

Staff Choice Award

Slingshot by David Hansen – Comedy | 7 min.

Slingshot is an amusing analogy on modern love told through the eyes of one of its latest victims.

Best Youth Short Film Award

Old Socks
Odd Socks by Ellen Richardson – Comedy | 3 min.

Abandoned in a laundrette by his lover, Crusty must decide whether he wants to be free in a world he doesn’t know or to be stuck in the sock drawer forever.

Audience Choice Award

We’re Here Now
We’re Here Now by Nikki Richardson – Drama | 6 min.

Two sisters find themselves hiding out in a public toilet cubicle when the youngest has to take a pregnancy test.

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