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25 Films you cannot miss at the Wairoa Maori Film Festival 2016


We present a list of 4 Films and 21 Short Films worth watching at the Wairoa Maori Film Festival that will take place from June 3rd – 6th in cities of Wairoa and Nuhaka (New Zealand).

Full Length Films


Born to dance by Tammy Davis – New Zealand | 2015 – 96 min.

“A Maori teen faces parental and social pressure while leading his competitive hip-hop dance crew toward the regional championships, in this exhilarating feature directorial debut from New Zealand actor Tammy Davis. Tu (Tia-Taharoa Maipi) and his friends share a love for hip-hop dancing, trading moves in the streets every chance they get. They dream of winning the regional competition, but everyone knows that the formidable K-Crew are all but guaranteed to take the prize. What’s more, the three-time world champions are based on Auckland’s North Shore, many miles and economic strata away from Tu’s modest, predominantly Maori neighbourhood. In the tradition of Breakin’, Beat Street, and Billy Elliot, Born to Dance is a showcase for dazzling, high-energy moves, a film bursting with the exaltation of young people discovering their potential.” – TIFF

Trailer (Will open in another window)

06.03.2016 – Kahungunu Marae (Nuhaka) – 8:30 pm

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople by Taika Waititi – New Zealand | 2015 – 101 min.

Raised on hip-hop and foster care, defiant city kid Ricky gets a fresh start in the New Zealand countryside. He quickly finds himself at home with his new foster family: the loving Aunt Bella, the cantankerous Uncle Hec, and dog Tupac. When a tragedy strikes that threatens to ship Ricky to another home, both he and Hec go on the run in the bush. As a national manhunt ensues, the newly branded outlaws must face their options: go out in a blaze of glory or overcome their differences and survive as a family.

Trailer (Will open in another window)

06.04.2016 – Gaiety Theatre (Wairoa) – 2:00 pm

Orphans & Kingdoms

Orphans & Kingdoms by Paolo Rotondo – New Zealand | 2014 – 74 min.

Orphans & Kingdoms follows three teens on the run, who break into a holiday home to hide out. Then the owner (Colin Moy) arrives home, followed by the police.

Trailer (Will open in another window)

06.05.2016 – Kahungunu Marae (Nuhaka) – 4:00 pm

The Price of Peace

The Price of Peace by Kim Webby – New Zealand | 2015 – 87 min.

Kim Webby’s documentary about Tame Iti and the Urewera Four, taking a criminal case of national interest to explore a greater social issue. “Journalist Kim Webby’s Price of Peace is a portrait of Tūhoe activist Tame Iti, whose family Webby has known for 20 plus years. After the 2007 police raids, Iti was one of four to go on trial, accused of plotting terrorist activities. Webby’s film ranges widely from early land grievances to modern-day jail cells — and a police apology. NZ Herald reviewer Peter Calder praised the result for balancing a personal focus on Iti, with “a powerfully affecting” examination of the 2007 raids, which placed the raids in “the wider context of Tūhoe history and the process of reconciliation” – NZ On Screen

Trailer (Will open in another window)

06.05.2016 – Kahungunu Marae (Nuhaka) – 10:30 am

Short Films

Under the heavens

Under the heavens by Tyrik Washington – US | 8 min.

The American dream becomes a nightmare, due to the recent killings of several unarmed black people by the police for Rahkeem; an African- American adolescent from Brooklyn, New York. In his quest for justice, he becomes vulnerable to questionable spiritual guidance. RIP- Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Akai Gurley, Walter Scott.

Trailer (Will open in another window)

06.05.2016 – Kahungunu Marae (Nuhaka) – 4:00 pm
* This short film will be screen along “Orphans & Kingdoms”

Canada Shorts Section

Status by Howard Adler – Canada | 2014 – 8 min.

In Canada, Status Cards are a race-based classification system which define who qualifies as an “Indian”. What does your Status Card mean to you?

Tallurutiup Tariunga

Tallurutiup Tariunga – Lancaster Sound by Christopher Paetkau & Trevor Gill – Canada | 4 min.

Tallurutiup Tariunga, the Inuktitut name for Lancaster Sound, is one of the Arctic’s richest marine habitats, an area of stunning beauty and deep cultural significance.

The Grandfather Drum

The Grandfather Drum by Michelle Derosier (Anishinaabe) – Canada | 2015 – 13 min.

As the balance of the world turns upside down for the Anishinabek people, the elder Naamowin builds a healing drum to save his grandson and his people.

Trailer (will open in a new window)

Without Words by Jules Koostachin – Canada | 2015 – 16 min.

Without Words speaks to the collective experience of trauma and hope, it is a story about two survivors, one of the Holocaust and the other a survivor of the Canadian Residential school system.

Maori Shorts Section
Friday June 3rd – Kahungunu Marae (Nuhaka) – 7:00 pm
Sunday June 5th – Gaiety Theatre (Wairoa) – 2:00 pm

God, King and Country

God, King and Country by Kiri Barber (Maori) and Tarrance Raj – Australia | 2016 – 13 min.

Inspired by a true story of the Maori Battalion in World War II. The reality of war sets in as Boogy, Hina, Rangi and Edison, find themselves trapped on enemy territory.

Trailer (will open in a new window)

Tawhiti by Tamati Ihaka (Maori) – New Zealand | 2016 – 13 min.

Tawhiti is a Maori Language Sci Fi Relationship Drama. Ruanui has returned from Mars but instead of settling down like he promised, he tries to convince his wife and daughter to return with him to start a new life on Mars.

The Spectacular Imagination of the Pohara Brothers

The Spectacular Imagination of the Pohara Brothers by Todd Karehana (Maori)
New Zealand | 2016 – 8 min.

Nathan and Christian overhear their Mum needs money to pay her power bill before it’s disconnected. With time running out and unsuccessful attempts at selling lemonade, they decide to sell flying lessons to a Grumpy Kuia (Whirimako Black).

Documentaries Section
Saturday June 4th – Kahungunu Marae (Nuhaka) – 9:30 am

The Tongue of Nakaa

The Tongue of Nakaa by Tom O´Halloran – Maori, Ngapuhi | 2016 – 31 min.

On Makin, the northernmost island of Kiribati, we watch a community living as they have lived for thousands of years uninterrupted, absorbing the modern world while holding on to their customs and rituals. Time is irrelevant; they work co-operatively to sustain themselves, come together to entertain each other, not oblivious, but regardless of the rumblings of the outside world.

Trailer (will open in a new window)

Aotearoa Shorts Section
Saturday June 4th – Kahungunu Marae (Nuhaka) – 11:15 am

Run it straight

Run it straight by Tere Harrison – Maori, Ngati Porou, Ngati Kahungunu |14 min.

Set in a rugby league clubrooms, ‘Run It Straight’ tells the story of a community who open their hearts to the hard story of West Papua.

Trailer (will open in a new window)

Ukaipo Whenua Section
Saturday June 4th – Gaiety Theatre (Wairoa) – 5:00 pm

Taku Rakau E by Kararaina Rangihau – New Zealand | 2010 – 15 min.

TAKU RAKAU E is a waiata tawhito composed about 1873 by Mihikitekapua of Tūhoe. Now in 2009, some generations later Mihikitekapua’s descendents continue to sing her waiata. In this short film Mihikitekapua laments the loss of land and her family succinctly phrased in a haunting lament.

Sacred Screen Section
Sunday June 5th – Kahungunu Marae (Nuhaka) – 10 am – 2 pm

Armenian Papers

Armenian Papers by Ornella Macchia – Turkey | 2016 – 6 min.

At the market of Yerevan, a merchant invites us to share his fruits and his history.

Trailer (will open in a new window)


Kamaro – A Slave by Arun Deo Joshi – Nepal | 2016 – 23 min.

Kamaro is a form of slavery that still exists in Nepal.

Trailer (will open in a new window)

Last Children

Last Children by Che Espiritu – US | 2016 – 14 min.

Young Bato must travel over scorched and violent roads to bring his dying sister to The Healer.

Trailer (will open in a new window)


Maya by Veemsen Lama – UK, Nepal | 2016 – 15 min.

Maya, Bikram and Kancha suddenly find themselves trapped in the heart of Kathmandu. Vulnerable, penniless and alone.

Trailer (will open in a new window)

The last jaguar

The last jaguar by Luciano Nacci and Florencia Velozo – Argentina | 2016

Three friends walks through the jungle searching for the last Jaguar alive.

Trailer (will open in a new window)

Nigamowin Section
Sunday June 5th – Kahungunu Marae (Nuhaka) – 1:00 pm

Throat Song

Throat Song by Miranda De Pencier (Inuk) – 2011 – 18 min.

A young Inuit woman searches for a way out of her abusive relationship only to find the voice she thought she’d lost forever.

Trailer (will open in a new window)

Bush Cinema Section
Sunday June 5th – Morere Hall (Morere) – 7:00 pm


Antolina by Miguel Agüero – Paraguay | 2016 – 7 min.

Antolina says goodbye to her mysterious friend. She offers her last cigarette in a place where forest and animals are gone, she is also hunted by her son’s death. Antolina wants to leave that place as her people did but her mysterious friend wants to stop her.

Trailer (will open in a new window)

Golden Bird

Golden Bird by Debraj Sarkar – India | 2016 – 10 min.

A child comes to his home village and listens to the story of the Golden Bird, told by his grandmother.

Trailer (will open in a new window)


Mehrunisa has fallen in love by Zohaib Kazi – Pakistan | 2016 – 5 min.

Trailer (will open in a new window)

The Chief's Speech to the UN

The Chief’s Speech to the UN by Vilsoni Hereniko – US, Hawaii | 2015 – 4 min.

Chief Telematua addresses the nations of the world about climate change, especially sea level rise and its impact on the Pacific islands. Hawaii International Film Festival.
* This film will be also screened on Sunday, June 5th – 10:00 am at Gaiety Theatre (Wairoa)

For more information please visit the official website of the festival here: Wairoa Maori Film Festival

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