Wathann Film Festival

Place: Yangon, Myanmar
Website: http://www.wathannfilmfestival.com
Facebook: @wathannfilmfestival
Twitter: –
Instagram: @wathannfilmfestival

The Wathann Film Festival (WFF) is the film festival dedicated to independent and non-commercial films in Myanmar. Started by filmmakers and artists in 2011, at the beginning of the country’s transition period to democracy, it has soon become the main platform for exchange and effectively shares artistic expression. The annual festival offers thematic and curated film screenings of local as well as international independent films. It brings the local and international film community together, not just via the film medium but also through participating filmmakers and curators/programmers from other parts of the world. This fosters an exchange of experiences and builds understanding between countries and societies.


10/10/2020 – 16 short films you shouldn’t miss 10th Wathann Film Festival

09/21/2020 – 10th Wathann Film Festival – Programme 2020

09/09/2019 – 9th Wathann Film Festival – 2019 Awards | Awards

08/17/2019 – Wathann Film Festival – 2019 Line up

09/24/2016 – Winners of the Wathann Film Festival 2016

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