Seoul Webfest

Place: Seoul, South Korea
Facebook: @Kwebfest
Twitter: @kwebfest
Instagram: @seoulwebfest

The Seoul Webfest (ex Kweb Fest) is a unique film festival dedicated to web series. Introduced last year it’s the very first web series festival in Korea & Northeast Asia. Our objective is to create a place that nurtures and cultivates upcoming filmmakers. We invite you to a new paradigm of festival where you can take part in screenings, network parties, an award show and gain access to distributors, filmmakers, writers, producers, funding etc.


12/14/2020 – 7th Seoul Webfest – Call for Entry 2021 | Call for Entry

02/26/2020 – 6th Seoul Webfest – Call for Entry 2020 | Call for Entry

06/05/2019 – 5th Seoul Webfest – Finalists 2019 | Awards

12/08/2018 – 5th Seoul Webfest – Call for Entry 2019 | Call for Entry

11/10/2017 – 4th Seoul Webfest – Call for Entry 2018 | Call for Entry

08/20/2017 – Seoul WebFest 2017 – Winners | Awards

06/03/2017 – 3rd Seoul Webfest – Official Selection 2017

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