Schedule 2022


1st – 7th Han Cine – Korean Film Festival | Buenos Aires, Argentina

1st – 10th Wonju Rooftop Film Festival | Wonju, South Korea

1st – October 2nd Jumping Frames – Hong Kong International Movement-Image Festival | Hong Kong

2nd – 10th Minikino Film Week | Bali, Indonesia

2nd – 8th | 23rd – 25th Kansai Queer Film Festival | Kansai, Japan

3rd – 18th Japan Film Festival Los Angeles | Los Angeles, United States

8th – 11th Aichi International Women’s Film Festival | Aichi, Japan

9th – 10th Abrenian Heritage Film Festival | Bangued, Philippines

9th – 17th Freedom Film Fest | Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

10th – 25th Pia Film Festival | Tokyo, Japan (Tokyo Screenings)

16th – 17th Mujungryuck Film Festival | Seoul, South Korea

16th – 21st Taichung International Animation Festival | Taichung, Taiwan

16th – 25th Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival | Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

17th – October 1st Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival | Hong Kong

17th – 25th Nara International Film Festival | Nara, Japan

19th – 25th Image Forum Festival Tokyo | Tokyo, Japan

20th – 24th Nabunturan Independent Film Exhibition | Nabunturan, Philippines

21st – 25th SeaShorts Film Festival | Malacca, Malaysia

22nd – 25th Chicago South Asian Film Festival | Chicago, United States

22nd – 27th Korea Independent Animation Film Festival – Indie-Anifest | Seoul, South Korea

22nd – 29th DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival | Goyang, South Korea

22nd – October 2nd Camera Japan Festival | Rotterdam & Amsterdam, Netherlands

23rd – October 2nd Taiwan Film Festival Berlin | Berlin, Germany

28th – October 21st Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival | Seoul, South Korea

29th – October 2nd Electric Shadows Asian Film Festival | Antwerp, Belgium

29th – October 3rd Chuncheon SF Film Festival | Chuncheon, South Korea

30th – October 9th Gyeonggi Film School Festival | Gyonggi, South Korea


1st – 2nd Taiwan Film Festival of Boston | Boston, United States

1st – 9th Jeju Hondie Film Festival | Jeju, South Korea

1st – 15th Viet Film Fest | California, United States

5th – 14th Busan International Film Festival | Busan, South Korea

6th – 8th Jeju International Drone Film Festival | Jeju, South Korea

7th – 10th Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market | Sapporo, Japan

13th – 18th San Diego Filipino Film Festival | San Diego, United States

14th – 23rd Women Make Waves Film Festival | Taipei, Taiwan

14th – 30th Kaohsiung Film Festival | Kaohsiung, Taiwan

15th – 20h Taiwan Film Festival Edinburgh | Edinburgh, Scotland

18th – 23rd Seoul Yeongdeungpo International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival | Seoul, South Korea

19th – 30h London East Asian Film Festival | London, United Kingdom

20th – 25th Seoul International Food Film Festival | Seoul, South Korea

20th – 30th Boston Asian American Film Festival | Boston, United States

20th – 24th Beautiful Hapcheon Indepedent Film Festival | Hapcheon, South Korea

20th – 26th Project K – The Korean Film Festival | Frankfurt, Germany

21st – 25th Bucheon International Animation Festival | Bucheon, South Korea

22nd – 23rd Cartoons Underground | Singapore

23rd – 29th Kuandu International Animation Festival | Taipei, Taiwan

24th – 31st International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy | Beijing, China

24th – November 2nd Tokyo International Film Festival | Tokyo, Japan

25th – November 1st Korean Film Festival In Paris | Paris, France

26th – November 6th Asian Film Festival Barcelona | Barcelona, Spain

27th – 30th Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival Davao | Davao City, Philippines

27th – 30th Seoul International Architecture Film Festival | Seoul, South Korea

28th – 30th Hummingbird International Film Festival | Kolkata, India

29th – November 6th Tokyo FILMex International Film Festival | Tokyo, Japan

29th – November 6th Kyoto Historica International Film Festival | Tokyo, Japan


1st – 2nd Tokyo Docs | Tokyo, Japan (Film Forum)

2nd – 6th Kineko International Children’s Film Festival | Tokyo, Japan

3rd – 6th DC South Asian Film Festival | Washington, United States

3th – 6th Dharamshala International Film Festival | Dharamsala, India

3th – 6th New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival | Chitose, Japan

3th – 9th Gangneung International Film Festival | Gangneung, South Korea

3rd – 12th San Diego Asian Film Festival | San Diego, United States

3rd – 13th Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival | Philadelphia, United States

3rd – 13th Vancouver Asian Film Festival | Vancouver, Canada

4th – 13th Tasveer South Asian Film Festival | Seattle, United States

5th – December 14th Japanese Film Festival | Various Cities, Australia

9th – 18th Asian World Film Festival | Los Angeles, United States

9th – 20th Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival | Toronto, Canada

10th – 25th Pia Film Festival | Kyoto, Japan (Kyoto Screenings)

10th – 27th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival | Taipei, Taiwan

14th – 19th Festival Film Dokumenter | Yogyakarta, Indonesia

16th – December 4th Five Flavours Film Festival | Warsow, Poland

16th – December 15th GwangHwaMun International Short Film Festival | Seoul, South Korea

17th – 20th Persons with Disabilities Film Festival | Seoul, South Korea

17th – 26th QCinema International Film Festival | Quezon City, Philippines

18th – 20th Animahenasyon Film Festival | Manila, Philippines

20th – 28th International Film Festival of India GOA | New Delhi, India

24th – December 4th Singapore International Film Festival | Singapore

28th – 29th 3 Shots Film Festival | Manila, Philippines


1st – 8th Macau International Short Film Festival | Macao

1st – 9th Seoul Independent Film Festival | Seoul, South Korea

1st – 31st Bangkok International Documentary Film Festival | Bangkok, Thailand

5th – 11th CineMapúa | Cebu, Philippines

7th – 9th Asia TV Forum & Market | Singapore (TV Forum and Market)

8th – 11th Luang Prabang Film Festival | Luang Prabang, Laos

8th – 12th Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival | Kathmandu, Nepal

9th – 16th International Film Festival of Kerala | Thiruvananthapuram, India

11th Asian Web Awards | Seoul, South Korea

15th – 22nd Kolkata International Film Festival | Kolkata, India

16th – 18th Calcutta International Short Film Festival | Kolkata, India

25th – January 7th Metro Manila Film Festival | Philippines

29th – January 2nd South Asian International Film Festival | New York, United States