Metro Manila Film Festival

Place: Metro Manila, Philippines
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Facebook: @mmffofficial
Twitter: @mmffofficial
Instagram: @mmffofficial

The Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is an annual film festival held across the Country. It takes place from December 25th until January 7th of the next year. Like in the PPP cinemas only can screen the films selected by the MMFF. This festival is the oldest even in Philippines, it started in 1975 under the name of Metropolitan Film Festival and organized during September. The Executive Committee usually selects 8 films to be screened during the event and a handful of Short Films. We won’t get into much details because we can speak for hours but this festival is known to have lot of controversies (and madramas). What we will say is that the main focus of the MMFF has been box-office over quality films.


07/18/2018 – Metro Manila Film Festival – Call for Entry 2018 [Student Competition] | Call for Entry

12/29/2016 – Winners of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 | Awards

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