7th Ulju Mountain Film Festival – Awards 2022

These are the winners of the Ulju Mountain Film Festival (Korea) which took place from April 1 – 10, 2022 in Ulsan.

About the Festival:
Organized by the City of Ulju, Metropolitan City Ulsan, presented by Organizing Committee, Ulju Mountain Film Festival is the first and the only international mountain film festival in South Korea, dedicated to present and promote films & culture dealing with the mountains, adventure and exploration, nature and environment. The festival also provides an opportunity for filmmakers and mountaineers to meet and exchange ideas through the seminars, events, screenings and social gatherings.

International Competition

Grand Prize

After Antartica by Tasha Van Zandt – USA | 2021 – 105 minutes

A journey across both poles, After Antarctica follows legendary polar explorer Will Steger’s lifelong journey as an eyewitness to the greatest changes to the polar regions. Now, thirty years after his historic expedition, Steger heads out on the ice once again, at a time when he is not only known for being the first in history to complete these historic feats – he is also the last. (UMFF 2022)


Best Alpinism & Climbing Film

A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Ground by Henna Taylor – USA | 2020 – 22 minutes

A Thousand Ways To Kiss The Ground is an ensemble of voices from the American climbing community who have all touch the grief of losing someone they love to climbing. It is a film about how there is no one way to express such immense loss.​ (UMFF 2022)


Best Adventure & Exploration Film

La Liste: Everything or Nothing by Eric Crosland – Canada | 2021 – 72 minutes

Big mountain skiers, and close friends, Jérémie Heitz and Sam Anthamatten are adrenaline-junkies who find beauty and display grace in the dangerous world of free-skiing. Follow them as they set off around the world to find the most awe-dropping, high-altitude peaks and mountain ranges that exceed 6,000 metres, and do what they do best: ski.​​​ (UMFF 2022)


Best Nature & People Film

When the Snow Melts Down by Aleksey Golovkov – Russia | 2021 – 63 minutes

Two people. Two different worlds. He is a hermit and a reindeer herder. His home is mountains and taiga covered with snow. He depends only on himself, because his life is absolute freedom. She is a resident of Rome, devotes almost all of her time to work and travel. Their worlds are so different that it seems that there can be nothing in common between them.​ (UMFF 2022)


Special Jury Prize

BERG by Joke Olthaar – Netherlands | 2021 – 79 minutes

A journey at high altitude seen through the eyes of three mysteriously connected hikers. After their coincidental meeting we follow these three on their personal odysseys. The levels of concentration they exhibit in trying to avoid mistakes makes their experience of the overwhelming landscape even more intense.​ (UMFF 2022)


Asian Competition


Without You by Park Jae-hyun – Korea | 2021 – 34 minutes

An old couple, Kim Su and Park Won used to work as janitors. The COVID-19 situation got worse and their last working place, a wedding hall closed down. It has been a long while since they have stayed together at home. They saw the same car, which prints photos in a market in different times. (UMFF 2022)


Special Youth Jury Award

A Fire Inside by Justin Krook, Luke Mazzaferro – Australia | 2021 – 90 minutes

A volunteer firefighter drives his car into almost certain death because he ‘has a job to do’. Three months later, the fires are out, but his fight only begins. Turning a sensitive lens on the unprecedented devastation of Australia’s 2019/2020 ‘Black Summer’ bushfires, A Fire Inside presents an inspirational look at how people respond to crisis and its true impact on the human spirit. (UMFF 2022)


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