20th Jeonju International Film Festival – Closing Film


The organizers of the Jeonju International Film Festival announced that Skin by Guy Nattiv will be the Closing Film.


Skin by Guy Nattiv – United States | 2018 – 120 min.

There is a heavily-tattooed young man, who has been raised by skinheads with white-supremacist beliefs. One day, he lends a helping hand to a woman preparing for a musical performance with her children. He soon falls in love with her. In addition, when he meets a black activist, his racist beliefs are shaken to the core. Based on true events, Skin is a story of redemption about a young man who turns his back on hatred and violence. British actor Jamie Bell (widely known in Korea for his performance in Billy Eliot (2000) and Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer (2013)) takes on the leading role, and fills the screen with an incredible amount of energy and vigor fuelled by the protagonist’s love for mankind and passion for life. The process of removing the tattoos that signify his violent past conveys the true human nature, more emphatically than any other drama of transformation. As he stands up to the skinhead group to protect his loved ones, and endures conflict, he gradually transforms himself. The result is a truly amazing story that captures everything about one human being.

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