Film Festival

The Busan International Short Film Festival announced the International and Korean Competition


The organizers of the festival have announced the films that will compete for the Korean and International Section.

This year the Korean Competition will showcase 17 films (14 fictions, 1 experimental, 1 documentary and 1 animation) and the International Competition consists of 37 films (28 fictions, 5 documentaries, 3 experimental and 1 animation). The 33rd Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF) will take place from April 22th to 26th at the Busan Cinema Center in Busan (South Korea). We will keep you updated as soon as more information about the films is available.

Korean Competition
Ga Hyang: a road of no return by Kim Youngjae (Fiction)
The Plants: Jakarta Monorail 103 by Park Yongseok (Experimental)
My fact_or_y by Park Koonje (Documentary)
New Rapids by Choi Jungmoon (Fiction)
iLuv by Park Junghwan (Fiction)
The Transfer Student by Park Jiin (Fiction)
Bargain by Lee Chunghyun (Fiction)
Seol-hee by Bae Yeonhee (Fiction)
Fangs by Shin Jonghun (Fiction)
Like soldiers, like children by Lim Boyoung (Fiction)
Half-day by Choi Jingyoung (Fiction)
From now on by Lee Kyeongwon (Fiction)
Silent by Jeong Zion (Fiction)
Soar by Hong Sangu (Fiction)
I saw it by Jung Haeseong (Fiction)
A lucky day by Paul (Fiction)
Deer Flower by Kim Kangmin (Animation)

International Competition
Champ des Possibles by Cristina Picchi – Canada, Italy, Sweden | Experimental, Documentary
Cycle 7×1 by Gil Baroni – Brazil | Documentary
Flowers by Judita Gamulin – Croacia | Fiction
90 Degrees North by Detsky Graffam – Germany | Fiction
A tale of love, madness and death by Mijael Bustons – Chile | Documentary
7 Sheep by Wiktoria Szymanska – Poland, UK, France, Mexico | Fiction
Tenderness by Emila Zielonka – Poland | Fiction
Under the sun by Qiu Yang – China, Australia | Fiction
Somewhere in my memory by Kanyama Keihiro – Japan | Fiction
A woman and her car by Loic Darses – Canada | Documentary
Empire by Kristof Hoornaert – Belgium | Fiction
Notes from Sometime, Later, Maybe by Roger Gómez, Dani Resines – Spain | Documentary
Last Door South by Sacha Feiner – Belgium, France | Animation
Ave Maria by Basil Khalil – Palestine, France, Germany | Fiction
Balcony by Toby Fell-Holden – UK | Fiction
#Ya by Ygor Gama, Florencia Rovlich – Argentina, Chile, Germany | Experimental
Carry On by Rafael Haider – Austria | Fiction
The King of the Hill by Anh Minh Truong – Canada | Fiction
Yellow Fieber by Konstantina Kotzamani – Greece | Fiction
An Angry Man by Jannik Dahl Pedersen – Denmark | Fiction
Awake by Michael Achtman – UK | Fiction
Spoetnik by Noel Loozen – Netherlands | Fiction
The Race by Michael Le Meur – France | Experimental
Love by Sophie Chamoux – France | Fiction
Freeze by Nelicia Low – Singapore | Fiction
Fragile by Rebecca Panian – Switzerland | Fiction
Chickenpox by Fulvio Risuelo – Italy | Fiction
Eden by Andrés Ramírez Pulido – Colombia | Fiction
Survival by Masoud Hatami – Iran | Experimental
The Next One by Gunduz Sevdi – Turkey | Fiction
Bob by Marc Roessler – Germany | Fiction
Mother by Juha Hippi – Finland | Fiction
Washed Out by Laurent Paillot – France | Fiction
The Guests by Shane Danielsen – Australia | Fiction
Fireworks by Lan Yitzu – Taiwan | Fiction
Senior Teacher by Sha Mo – China | Fiction
Mosaic by Guido van Driel – Netherlands | Fiction

* Note: The banner of the main festival has been edited so that it fits Film Focus photo measures.

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