PIA Film Festival


Place: Tokyo, Japan
Website: https://pff.jp/jp
Facebook: @PiaFilmFestival
Twitter: @pff_award
Instagram: @piafilmfestival

Founded in 1977, Pia Film Festival (PFF) has taken an active role in “finding and nurturing new filmmaking talents”. Pia was launched as a print magazine in 1972 by young people from a university film club, all of whom dreamed of becoming filmmakers. Inspired by the example of Time Out in London, they came up with the idea of publishing a listings magazine which would document all films screening in Tokyo in a given week, complete with the venue locations and the starting times. This idea grew into Pia, a magazine covering not only movies but also theater, concerts and exhibitions: a comprehensive guide to culture and entertainment in the city. The success of the magazine led to the launch of PFF. Pia no longer appears in print, but its success continues as an online resource.


02/23/2019 – 41st PIA Film Festival – Call for Entry 2019 | Call for Entry

09/24/2016 – Winners of the PIA Film Festival 2016 | Awards

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