Korea International Expat Film Festival


Dates: September 29th – October 7th, 2017
Place: Seoul, South Korea

THe Korean International Expat Film Festival (KIXFF) is run by a small group of expat filmmakers and Seoul Players, a non-profit theatre company producing shows in Korea since 2001. Expat film making in Seoul has made inroads to the Korean market, working in local and international television and film productions as well as producing music videos and commercials.

The KIXFF uses the power of film to educate, entertain, and celebrate the nomadic human experience. We program films, music and events for filmmakers and film lovers. We receive films online from all over the globe, guided by transparency and an ethical selection process. We do it for the filmmakers (local and international), as well as every movie lover who has thought about picking up a camera themselves. We focus on intimacy and “micro” programming, which keep us nimble, flexible and solvent at every turn.

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