Docs Port Incheon – Asian Documentary Project Market


Dates: November 4th – 6th, 2016
Place: Incheon, South Korea

Docs Port Incheon is an Asian documentary project market introducing the best documentaries in Korea and Asia. We will show approximately 40 original and potential documentary projects from talented Asian filmmakers. We invite documentary projects in pre-production and post-production, and any Asian and Korean talented producers will be able to take part in Docs Port Incheon. We will offer the best opportunity to upgrade your projects through our training programs with the best international and domestic specialists.

Docs Port Incheon is a new concept funding platform to support documentary productions and co-productions in Korea and Asian region. We offer the best opportunity for documentary funding in Korea. Docs Port Incheon will provide the fund worth 500 million won with outstanding documentary projects to be selected through our K-PITCH, A-PITCH, Rough Cut Sales and other programs. We also offer great chances for business meetings with specialists in each field of production, investment, distribution, broadcasting companies, post-production units and cinemas.

Docs Port Incheon proposes the documentary network centered Asian regions to which the worldwide documentary filmmakers and producers can participate. For this network, we will offer the networking programs, industry conferences and recent documentary film screenings selected by specialists, and provide advanced service for the practical business between creators and industry persons.

News & Articles:
11.19.2016 – Winners of the Docs Port Incheon 2016