Wicked Film Festival


Dates: November 17th – 20th, 2016
Place: Melbourne, Australia

Wicked Film Festival is an annual celebration dedicated to exploring and showcasing fantastic genre films and filmmaking, video gaming, virtual reality and new media technologies. The Wicked Film Festival (Wicked) curates an annual eclectic program showcasing new talent and established creatives, and other industry professionals from around the globe that draw a diverse range of audiences.

In 2016 SciFi Film Festival will be taking place in conjunction with the Wicked in November to enhance our program and festival experience for all those participating and audiences alike. The festival programs a series of events and activities such as screenings, retrospectives, competitions, networking opportunities, new technology and educational workshops and forums and video gaming, to name but a few… and let’s not forget parties and a lot of fun – it’s Wicked!

Our Festival facilitates freedom of thought and its expression, cultural and creative activity by artists of all ages, abilities and genders, all of which contribute to our quality of life today. Wicked presents a rich and entertaining program that aims to stimulate the global creative arts culture and present a fantastic menu to a hungry audience.