Pineapple Underground Film Festival


Dates: December, 2016
Place: Hong Kong

PUFF (The Pineapple Underground Film Festival) is dedicated to showcasing the spirit, passion and skills of bona fide independent filmmakers from around the world to the audience in China.

With the help of digital media technology and crowdfunding, it is now getting easier for anyone to just take up a camera and make a film. The most important ingredients in the mix is finding your own voice, the creative ideas and mastering the skills necessary to make a captivating experience. However, with the increasing number of works being produced and the reshaping of cinema and major film festivals, it is now much harder to connect a live audience to non-mainstream arthouse films.

It is the conviction of the PUFF team that filmmakers who put their heart and soul to tell a story should have the chance to show their works to a crowd, even if the budget is small or no recognizable name is involved. PUFF is based in Hong Kong, a city in China that opens to the world and has a thriving creative industry. We have one yearly festival in both Hong Kong and Shanghai together with intermittent events throughout the year.

We present our screenings not in conventional cinema but in places like art space, underground club and indie music venues for a lively vibe. We are also including and actively supporting works that are more experiemental, breaking ground with forms of narrative and crossovering into video arts.