Kyoto Historica International Film Festival


Dates: November 2nd – 13th, 2016
Place: Tokyo, Japan

90 years since Tsumasaburo Banto opened the film studio in Uzumasa, the period films = historical plays are an asset that have accumulated to a great number. However, it may be starting to become a little mouldy. Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival is the place for film makers and its audience to share viewpoints of how to update the stereotypical-for-the-elders image, into a “historical entertainment” of the present.

Terrorism, refugees, UK leaving the EU, Trump. Whilst various inward energies revolving regions and people searching for their identity are occurring all over the world, historical film has also polarised between inward and outward. Leaving globalisation to the side, being inward is the worst thing for a film. It may be just the reason why period films started to lose power since its golden age.

We believe in the power historical films hold. Historical films that do not just enclose themselves in history, but those that bring us the surprises and excitement. The wonders of being absorbed into a story of a world completely separate from our daily life. We hope you throughly enjoy this magic.
Program director Ken Takahashi