Film Festival for Women’s Rights

Place: Seoul, South Korea
Twitter: @fiwom
Instagram: @fiwom

Film Festival for Women’s Rights (FIWOM), sponsored by Korea Women’s Hot Line, started in 2006 to show the reality and gravity of violence against women happening everyday and to spread support for the survival and healing of the victims. About 3,000 people attend the festival annually. The festival is comprised of a total of six sections: three fixed sections, two sections containing the theme of the year, and a competitive section consisting of domestic films.

FIWOM takes great interest in spreading movies about violence against women (including domestic violence and sexual violence), social structural problems that allow violence, and stories about brave women searching for their lives and human rights. In addition to covering sexual minorities, masculinity, aging, immigration, disability and overall human rights, we show movies dealing with violence against women from a multi-layered point of view.


10/01/2019 – 15 Short Films you cannot miss at the 13th Film Festival for Women’s Rights

09/18/2019 – 13th Film Festival for Women’s Rights– 2019 Opening Film

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