World Premieres Film Festival


Dates: June 29th – July 10th, 2016
Place: Manila, Philippines

The WPFF celebrates the power and magic of film by showcasing the works of critically acclaimed, upcoming film directors from across the globe. It is the magnificent evolution of the world’s demographics and social trends, the increasing number of viewers, and openness in film appreciation has compelled the creation of such an event here in the Philippines.

Our mission is to serve a growing number of film narratives in search of new avenues of exhibition, and to launch their international premieres, particularly in Asia with its rapidly growing film industry. At the same time, the WPFF provides a unique opportunity for talented filmmakers from all over the world to converge and share their stories with a new audience.

The Philippines, one of the oldest film cultures in Asia, is proud to host such a significant yearly event. With the festival’s Main Competition and Cine Verde sections, as well as the films competing in the Parallel Sections and Filipino New Cinema, the WPFF hopes to engage the world by showcasing the best film narratives that highlight diversity of cultures, current social issues, and present visual discourses on climate change.

The WPFF warmly invites all filmmakers, cinema goers, film enthusiasts, and everybody else to watch these great bodies of work by distinguished international filmmakers to celebrate and amplify the global human narrative on screen.

News & Articles:
07.05.2016 – Winners of the World Premieres Film Festival 2016