Welcome! This year we signed a partnership with the Television Niigata Network (TeNY) from Niigata (Japan) to help them promote their content to our readers. TeNY especialized in the production of local TV Shows and documentary programs. Their shows focuses on Japanese Culture, Local developments and technologies, the beauty of the Niigata Prefecture, and of course the famous and tasteful cuisine of Japan.

Enjoy Niigata’s Kingdom

Do you want to enjoy delicious seafood? Beautiful scenery? Sake? Niigata is full of attractive culture! This shows us tempting activities you can experience in Niigata next time you go to Japan.

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The Natural Lifestyle

This content is for outdoor lovers. The presenter of this content learned how to enjoy and live
with nature from an illustrator who built a house on a mountain with his family.

Go to Episode 1 (Soon) | Japanese Narration with English Subtitles
Go to Episode 2 (Soon) | Japanese Narration with English Subtitles

About TeNY:
Television Niigata Network Co.,Ltd
. (株式会社 テレビ新潟放送網, TeNY) is a TV station affiliated with Nippon News Network (NNN) and Nippon Television Network System (NNS) in Niigata, Japan. It is broadcast in Niigata Prefecture. Since its foundation on October 23, 1980, they have been a leading Television Station who produces documentary programs and local TV shows in close connection with the local community.

Website: https://www.teny.co.jp (In Japanese)

Businesses Areas:
– Television and other general broadcasting services pursuant to the Broadcasting Law.
– Marketing of broadcasting hours.
– Production, export and import, and marketing of broadcasting programs, audio records, picture records and movies.
– Planning, production, management, organization and brokerage of musical concerts, art exhibitions, sport events, theatrical performances, images, various types of parties/events, etc.
– Publication and marketing of published matters.