Seoul Eco Film Festival


Dates: May 6th – 12th, 2016
Place: Seoul, South Korea

Green Film Festival in Seoul (GFFIS) is the film festival to seek the co-existence between humans and the environment through cinema. This year, GFFIS presents 113 green films from 47 countries at the festival’s venues consisting of Cinecube, INDIESPACE, Seoul Museum of History, and Baseurak Hall of Seoul Citizens Hall. Green matters have become one of our common issues, but we still want to meet more people and share the green messages together. We are still living in the age of reckless development, environmental destruction, climate change and poverty. The GFFIS dreams of the co-existence between humans and nature, the alternatives for the future, and the ways to put ideas into action through films. Until the day all these dreams come into reality, we will be here with you and do our works.

05.15.2016 – Awards of the 13th Green Film Festival in Seoul
01.03.2016 – Green Film Festival in Seoul – Call for Entries 2016