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Australia australiaflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Flickerfest International Short Film Festival Sydney Janury 6 – 15 Finished
Peninsula Short Film Fest Rosebud February 4 Finished
Mardi Gras Film Festival Sydney February 15 – March 2 Finished
Parramasala Sydney March 10 – 12 Finished
Brisbane Queer Film Festival Brisbane March 10 – 19 Finished
Melbourne Queer Film Festival Melbourne March 16 – 27 Finished
Indonesian Film Festival Melbourne April 8 – 13 Finished
World of Women’s Cinema Sydney April 27 – 30 Finished
Stranger With My Face International Film Festival Tasmania May 4 – 7 Finished
Human Rights Arts & Film Festival Various Cities May 4 – June 3 Finished
Australian International Animation Festival Wagga Wagga May 12 – 14 Finished
St. Kilda Film Festival Melbourne May 18 – 27 Finished
West End Film Festival Brisbane May 27 – 28 Still to come
Sydney Film Festival Sydney June 7 – 18 In progress
Melbourne International Animation Festival Melbourne June 18 – 25 Still to come
Revelation Perth International Film Festival Perth July 6 – 19 Still to come
Melbourne Documentary Film Festival Melbourne July 12 – 16 Still to come
Melbourne International Film Festival Melbourne August 3 – 20 Still to come
Cinéfest Oz Film Festival Various Cities August 23 – 27 Still to come
SciFi Film Festival Sydney September 13 – 17 Still to come
Sydney Underground Film Festival Sydney September 14 – 17 Still to come
Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival Gympie October 5 – 8 Still to come
Byron Bay International Film Festival Byron Bay October 6 – 15 Still to come
Veterans Film Festivals Sydney October 18 – 22 Still to come
Capricorn Film Festival Gladstone October 24 – 29 Still to come
Canberra International Film Festival Canberra October 26 – 5 November Still to come
Stage One International Film Festival Oxenford No dates for 2017
Vertical Film Festival Katoomba TBA
Little Big Shorts – Australian’s International Film Festival for Kids Melbourne TBA
Korean Film Festival in Australia Various Cities TBA
Melbourne Underground Film Festival Melbourne TBA
Canberra Short Film Festival Canberrra TBA
Below Five Zero Film Festival TBA
Antenna Documentary Film Festival Sydney TBA
Japanese Film Festival Various cities TBA
Real Film Festival Newcastle TBA
Adelaide Film Festival Adelaide TBA
Pasifika Film Fest Various Cities TBA
Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival Launceston TBA
Lorne Film Lorne TBA
Wicked Film Festival Sydney TBA
Tassie Eco Film Fest Hobart TBA
International Chinese Film Festival Sydney TBA
Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival Brisbane Close Activities
A Night of Horror International Film Festival Sydney TBA
Fantastic Planet Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival Sydney TBA
Seen and Heard Melbourne Melbourne TBA

Bangladesh bangladeshflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Dhaka International Film Festival Dhaka January 12 – 20 Finished
International Children’s Film Festival Dhaka January 24 – 30 Finished
International Short & Independent Film Festival Dhaka Dhaka TBA

Cambodia cambodiaflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Cambodia International Film Festival Cambodia March 4 – 9 Finished

China chinaflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Beijing International Film Festival Beijing April 16 – 23 Finished
Shanghai International Film Festival Shanghai June 17 – 26 Still to come
A Long Week of Short Films Festival Shanghai TBA
Handle Climate Change Film Festival Shenzhen TBA
International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy Beijing TBA
Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival Guangzhou TBA

Hong Kong hongkongflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Hong Kong International Film Festival Hong Kong April 11 – 25 Finished
Chinese Documentary Film Festival Hong Kong TBA
Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Hong Kong TBA
Pineapple Underground Film Festival Hong Kong TBA

India indiaflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Chennai International Film Festival Chennai January 5 – 12 Finished
Jaipur International Film Festival Jaipur January 7 – 11 Finished
Pune International Film Festival Pune January 12 – 19 Finished
Navi Mumbai International Film Festival Mumbai January 2017 Finished
Bengaluru International Film Festival Bangalore February 2 – 9 Finished
International Film Festival of Thrissur Thrissur February 3 – 9 Finished
International Film Festival of Prayag Allahabad February 16 – 19 Finished
Bangalore Queer Film Festival Bangalore February 24 – 26 Finished
Nashik International Film Festival Nashik March 23 – 26 Finished
KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival Mumbai May 24 – 28 Still to come
International Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala Trivandrum June 16 – 20 Still to come
Vibgyor International Short & Documentary Film Festival Thrissur August 17 – 19 Still to come
India Film Project Ahmedabad September 30 – October 1 Still to come
Mumbai Film Festival Mumbai October 12 – 18 Still to come
CMS Vatavaran: Environment & Wildlife Film Festival and Forum New Delhi November 2 – 6 Still to come
International Children´s Film Festival of India Mumbai November 14 – 20 Still to come
International Film Festival of India New Delhi November 20 – 28 Still to come
Delhi International Film Festival Delhi December 2 – 8 Still to come
Great Indian Film and Literature Festival Bhopal TBA
The Woodpecker Film Festival and Forum New Delhi TBA
All Lights India International Film Festival TBA
International Film Festival of Shimla Shimla TBA
Dharamsala International Film Festival Dharamsala TBA
International Chinh India Kids Film Festival & Forum TBA
Shaan-E-Awadh International Film Festival Lucknow TBA
Kolkata International Film Festival Kolkata TBA
Film Bazaar Mumbai TBA
Voices From the Waters Bangalore TBA
Great Indian Film and Literature Festival Gurgaon TBA
Smile International Film Festival for Children & Youth New Delhi TBA
International Film Festival of Kerala Kerala TBA
Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival New Delhi TBA
Sand Dunes International Short Film Festival Bikaner TBA
Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival Mumbai TBA
National Children’s Film Festival Jaipur TBA

Indonesia indonesiaflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Bali International Film Festival Bali September 24 – 30 Still to come
Jakarta International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival Jakarta TBA
Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival Yogyakarta TBA
Festival Film Dokumenter Yogyakarta TBA

Japan japanflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival Yubari March 2 – 6 Finished
Osaka Asian Film Festival Osaka March 3 – 12 Finished
Tokyo Anime Award Festival Tokyo March 10 – 13 Finished
Okinawa International Movie Festival Okinawa April 20 – 23 Finished
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Tokyo June 1 – 12 In progress
Skip City International D-Cinema Festival Saitama July 15 – 23 Still to come
Aichi International Women’s Film Festival Aichi September 6 – 10 Still to come
PIA Film Festival Tokyo September 16 – 29 Still to come
Kansai Queer Film Festival Kansai September 16 – 29 Still to come
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Yamagata October 5 – 12 Still to come
Tokyo International Film Festival Tokyo October 25 – November 3 Still to come
Kineko International Children’s Film Festival Tokyo November 2 – 6 Still to come
International Animation Festival Hiroshima No dates for 2017
Japan Wildlife Film Festival Tokyo TBA
Focus on Asia International Film Festival Fukuoka Fukuoka TBA
Nara International Film Festival Nara TBA
Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market Sapporo TBA
IAFOR Documentary Film Award Kobe TBA
Kyoto Historica International Film Festival Tokyo TBA
Tokyo FILMex International Film Festival Tokyo TBA

Laos laosflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Vientianale International Film Festival Vientiane March 22 – 26 Finished
Luang Prabang Film Festival Luang Prabang TBA

Macao macaoflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Macao International Film Festival & Award Macao TBA

Malaysia malaysiaflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Freedom Film Fest Saitama July 22 – 29 Still to come
International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival Kuala Lumpur October 23 – 29 Still to come
Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival Kota Kinabalu TBA
Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music Festival Kuala Lumpur TBA

Myanmar myanmarflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
&Proud Yangon LGBT Film Festival Yangon January 26 – 29 Finished
Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival June 14 – 19 Still to come
Wathann Film Festival Yangon TBA

Nepal nepalflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Film SouthAsia Kathmandu November 2 – 5 Still to come
Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival Kathmandu TBA

New Zealand newzealandflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Maoriland Film Festival Otaki March 15 – 19 Finished
Documentary EDGE Festival Various Cities May 10 – 5 June Finished
Wairoa Maori Film Festival Palmerston North June 2 – 5 Finished
New Zealand Mountain Film Festival Various Cities June 30 – July 9 Still to come
New Zealand International Film Festival Various Cities TBA
Show Me Shorts Film Festival Auckland TBA

Philippines philippinesflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Sinag Maynila Independent Film Festival Manila March 9 – 14 Finished
ToFarm Film Festival Manila July 12 – 18 Still to come
Cinemalaya Manila August 4 – 13 Still to come
Binisaya Film Festival Cebu City September 22 – 30 Still to come
CineFilipino Film Festival
Manila November 22 – 28 Still to come
Metro Manila Film Festival Manila TBA
Metro Manila Pride Queer Arts Festival Makati TBA
Singkuwento International Film Festival Manila TBA
Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival Manila TBA
World Premieres Film Festival Manila TBA
EigaSai – The Japanese Film Festival Various cities TBA
Cebu International Documentary Film Festival Cebu TBA
QCinema International Film Festival Quezon City TBA
Quezon City International Pink Film Festival Manila TBA
Salamindanaw Asian Film Festival Various Cities TBA
Cinema One Originals Manila TBA
Cinemanila International Film Festival Manila TBA

Singapore singaporeflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Across Asia Youth Film Festival Singapore March 24 Finished
Singapore Chinese Film Festival Singapore April 28 – May 7 Finished
Screen Singapore (Film Market) Singapore November 29 – December 1 Still to come
Singapore International Film Festival Singapore TBA

South Korea southkoreaflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Seoul Independent Documentary Film & Video Festival Seoul March 23 – 30 Finished
Busan International Short Film Festival Busan April 25 – May 1 Finished
Jeonju International Film Festival Jeonju April 27 –  May 6 Finished
Green Film Festival in Seoul Seoul May 18 – 24 Finished
Seoul Human Rights Film Festival Seoul June 1 – 4 Finished
Seoul International Women’s Film Festival Seoul June 1 – 7 Finished
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Bucheon July 13 – 23 Still to come
Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival Seoul July 26 – 30 Still to come
Jecheon International Music & Film Festival Jecheon August 10 – 15 Still to come
Seoul Webfest Seoul August 17 – 19 Still to come
Seoul International NewMedia Festival Seoul August 17 – 25 Still to come
Asia Web Award Seoul August 19 Still to come
Ulju Mountain Film Festival Ulsan September 21 – 25 Still to come
Korea International Expat Film Festival Seoul September 29 – October 7 Still to come
Busan International Film Festival Busan October 12 – 21 Still to come
Bucheon International Animation Festival Bucheon October 20 – 24 Still to come
Asiana International Short Film Festival Seoul November 2 – 7 Still to come
Wildflowers Film Awards Korea TBA
Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival Seoul TBA
Gwangju International Film Festival Gwangju TBA
International Experimental Film & Video Festival in Seoul Seoul TBA
Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival Busan TBA
EBS International Documentary Festival Seoul TBA
Korea Independent Animation Film Festival (Indie-AniFest) Seoul TBA
DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival Goyang TBA
Seoul International Extreme-Short Image &Film Festival Seoul TBA
Seoul International Youth Film Festival Seoul TBA
Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival Seoul TBA
Seoul Independent Film Festival Seoul TBA
Docs Port Incheon Incheon TBA
Busan Universiade for Digital Contents Busan TBA

Taiwan taiwanflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival Taipei April 7 – 16 Finished
Taipei Film Festival Taipei June 29 – Jul 15 Still to come
Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival Taipei October 6 – 10 Still to come
Taiwan International Queer Film Festival Taipei, Kaoshiung, Taichung October 22 – December 18 Still to come
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Taipei November 3 – 23 Still to come
Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival Taipei TBA
Taiwan International Documentary Festival Taipei No dates for 2017
Kaohsiung International Short Film Competition Kaohsiung TBA

Thailand thailandflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
World Film Festival of Bangkok Bangkok January 23 – February 1 Finished
Salaya International Documentary Film Festival Phutthamonthon March 18 – 26 Finished

Vietnam vietnamflag

Festival City Dates 2017 Status
Hanoi International Film Festival Hanoi TBA

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