Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival


Dates: TBA, 2018
Place: Manila, Philippines

A society that respects, upholds and values the dignity, rights and freedom of its people is the vision that Active Vista underpins. Active Vista (AV) brings attention to stories of human rights struggles to enable the public to help dismantle barricades that hinder the pursuit of human rights. Active Vista is a word play on ACTIVE (dynamic) and VISTA (viewing), the dynamic way of viewing films. It is the Filipino word for activist (aktibista).

Active Vista is a human rights education platform to empower audiences in bringing about relevant social change. By showing and creating films that address core human rights messages, it aims to stir critical thinking among its audience as a step towards their education as citizens.

Active Vista believes in the power of cinema. It challenges to define a spectrum in the use of films and digital media as a tool in shaping the consciousness of a new generation into the importance of knowing and understanding human rights as an integral foundation of responsible citizenship and nation building.

Active Vista recognizes the pedagogical strength of cinema in education. It allows an opportunity to debate, discuss and shape society as we arrive at a collective understanding of human rights as the backbone of the development of a nation.

Active Vista understands the value of marrying art and advocacy, of films and human rights, and of entertainment and empowerment. It encourages critical thinking, dynamism in views and creative expression as fundamental requirements in addressing methods and directions of social transformation.

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